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Culinary Selfies or The Food Photo Booth at Hawkers Market

Culinary Selfies at Hawkers Market or The Food Photo Booth

While the internet has been plagued with streams of unappetizing mobile food photography, a few people have gotten together to fight back this completely inedible trend; cue lifestyle blogger Gabriel Cabrera from The Artful Desperado and food photographer Stefane Berube. Together in partnership with Director Chris Jerome of Hawkers Market will bring you the Food Photo Booth: a mobile photo kiosk for culinary selfies.

Artful Desperado - Flour-less Chocolate Cake Adapted from The Mast Brothers 

At the Food Photo Booth you'll be able to find all the tools you need to take that awesomely styled shot of your nibbles, sans all the nasty shadows and boring fake filters. Tools include: props, lighting, a beautiful wooden table by Union Wood Co, and even a black backdrop that will act as a canvas for your creation.

An inspiring backdrop from Union Wood Co.

By tagging your photos with @hawkersmarket @instameetVancouver and #culinaryselfie you'll be entered in a draw to win a foodie prize packed with treasures from Hawkers local vendors. Oh and don't worry, you don't need to be a pro! All guest at Hawkers Market have access to the booth.

Electric Jelly Doughnuts the perfect food for a #culinaryselfie


Need some styling inspiration? Got some questions? Check out Artful Desperado on Instagram and Stefane Berube on Facebook.


Take your culinary selfies this weekend only at Hawkers Market by getting your tickets at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca or hawkersmarket.com

Streat Helsinki - Finland!

Streat Helsinki is all about street food. It’s an idea of what it should and could be. It’s a concept with a mission of praising and pioneering the countless opportunities and potential of street food in Helsinki, as well as spreading the word abroad through our partners.

Streat Helsinki kicks off with a threefold set of events in March 2014, aptly named TALKS, EATS and PARTIES. A lot of talk, but also actions, not forgetting some celebratory partying. TALKS is organised in conjunction with Gastro Helsinki fair, whilst EATS and PARTIES take over the flourishing culture districts and street food hubs of the Tori Quarters and the Abattoir.


Kombucha Mini Workshop February 8th at Hawkers Market by O5 Tea

Our First Workshop is free at our next Hawkers Market on February 8th. Join O5 Tea as they talk about Kombucha at their pop up, learn what a "SCOBY" is.  How you can master fermentation and become the brewmaster of your domain. Plus drink their fabulous bottled kombucha drinks!

Workshop is free with purchase of a ticket to the February 8th Hawkers Market.




Diane Kennedy on living and cooking sustainably in Mexico

 Diane Kennedy at Mad 3 in Copenhagen, 2013. In her talk she tells us about how she lives and works sustainably in Mexico. In her gripping talk she speaks about hyper relevant issues such as GM foods , our senseless waste of plastic, and why she dislikes sous vide cuisine among many other issues that should get us all worked up in 2014 and our eyes turned towards what needs to happen with food in the future and how we may all think about treading more lightly.

Yelp Vancouver Shops Local @ Hawkers Market

Yelp Vancouver Shops Local @ Hawkers Market

By Jody B - Yelp Vancouver Community Manager/Petite Dynamo

What happens when Yelp Vancouver pairs up with this monthly dosage of food & music? The perfect spotlight for Yelp Shops Local shenanigans & a fabulous end to a very Yelpy 2013!Hawkers Market aims to create a space where vibrant and exciting local food can be discovered and on December 14th, 130 lucky Vancouver Elites and their guests did just that!


This foodie extravaganza offered up a one-two punch as guests got to nibble on tasters from the market's 15+ local vendors while crossing off that christmas shopping list. Mall-scmall - Yelp Elites tackle holiday errands with a sip, a nibble and a lot of good company! And for sips, what better to compliment a night of shopping then a glass of Pinot Noir from local wine wizards,Niche Winery? Elites got to sample this local vino while they made their rounds. But the brew crew would not leave disappointed, an Elite staple Parallel 49 Brewing made one last Yelp appearance for 2013. 


So with a drink in hand, and the DJ rocking, Elites toured East Van Studios to talk and taste with the excellent array of local biz owners. From Sugo Sauce's italian sauces, Yummus' smoky hummus (addictive!) and the mouth watering India Base - savory lovers were well looked after. Those looking for a little kick took refuge at Dolly's Treats who offered each guest a full sized bottle of their infamous Red Pepper Vodka Jelly to fall in love with! Or slide over to West Coast Chutney, who harvest their own apples for their epic apple chutney!

Those with a sweet tooth ventured to Edible Mark for holiday macrons; Hives For Humanity for bitchin' local honey (pst - this little CM has one of the hives in her back yard!); Ceiba Gourmet for cajeta (goat's milk caramel goodness!); Brown Paper Packages for the adult ice cream bar (you heard me: boozy ice-cream); Sweet Petite (hello truffle cake pops!); Happily Stuffed (gluten free goddesses) & Candy Meister - the CANDY food truck. 


And when they could eat no more - they stumbled over to Oollo Tea for something to jump start their system again, because gosh knows - an Elite saves room for Turducken. That's right - the sandwich lords themselves Fat Duck Eatery were onsite serving up Christmas in a carry out tray (complete with bacon jam). Nicely followed by a sinfully sweet crepe ℅ Chou Chou.

Add super awesome #NiftyUnderFifty raffle prizes; swag bags with cool loot from the Market and campy Christmas decorations and you've got one hell of a party! Big thanks to Chris & Hawkers Market; to all the amazing vendors who wine & dined & crossed off our christmas lists; to Tonye Afor keeping this Yelp ninja sane (and fed) and to the Vancouver Elites who made this one heck of year!

Check out the five star reviews (and pen your own) here; and the photos ℅ LindsayDiet here.

Keep it local; keep it Yelpy! Until next year Vancouver!

Your Partner In Dine,

Jody B - Yelp Vancouver Community Manager/Petite Dynamo