Curious about underground dining and pop up dinners around Vancouver?

Next weekend at Hawkers Market, Juno Kim will be crafting an exclusive pop-up experience. Juno is teaming up with Merchants Oyster Bar for a collaborative menu exclusive for Hawkers Market.

Juno Kim Catering focuses on creating lasting experiences. By curating unique pop-up dining experiences around the city, Chef Juno has been able to make a name for himself in a short amount of time. His food focuses on seasonal and local, with a large emphasis on flavour development, balance and presentation. Attention to detail in the dining experience is paramount; thought is put into the experience from the moment the diners see the food to the time their plates are clean. Follow his Instagram (@jun0k) for his latest food creations and events.

Feel good about attending this Hawkers Market, The Hawkers Team has teamed up with Mealshare for a Buy 1 Feed 1 strategy as well as the Vancouver Food Bank to host a huge food drive.

For all you underground foodies or aspiring foodies, Hawkers goes down on Saturday, November 15 at The Independent 188 Kingsway from 6 p.m. until late.

Follow Hawkers on Instagram & Twitter at @hawkersmarket.

Tickets are $10 at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca and you’ll help support the growth of Vancouver’s
local food economy and supporting local Vancouver food artisans.



Love Dim Sum, or perhaps you’ve wanted to check out State Bird Provisions in San Francisco despite the three month wait list for a reservation?

Fear not! Hawkers Market is adding collaborative Dim Sum to Saturday’s Hawkers Market, which will be the last one for several months so if you have been waiting to check out a Hawkers, this is the one for you.

What is collaborative Dim Sum? Hawkers Market and JS Reclaimed Wood have teamed up to build wood cart that will be roving the market with cheap and delicious deals on special food items.

You’ll have to track down the cart as it wanders through the warehouse.

Offered on the cart will be items from multiple Hawkers vendors doing one offs. Expect a delicious fried savoury burratta cheese doughnut, fresh oysters and little tasters from Hawkers Market, Chef Juno Kim and Chef David Mendes, along with other surprises.

“We are opening up the Dim Sum cart to all our Hawkers, to do one off creative crazy dishes that will only be available on the cart adding to the Hawkers hustle and bustle,” said Chris Jerome, Director of Hawkers Market.

Hawkers Market is Vancouver’s underground social food market, currently held in a sprawling 10,000 square foot warehouse on Broadway and Kingsway. Long table dining and performances by Claire Mortifee and DJ Cito will be running all night long starting at 6 p.m.

Tickets for Saturday’s event are on sale for $10 at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca, which supports Vancouver’s Local food economy and entrepreneurs.

An initiative for new food businesses to have a launchpad, your tickets go a long way to helping to keep this market established and operating in Vancouver.

Follow Hawkers Market on Instagram and Twitter for sneak peeks on food at @hawkersmarket.

Hawkers Market

When: Saturday, November 15

Time: 6 p.m. to midnight

Where: The Independent – 188 Kingsway, Vancouver

Musical Guest – Claire Mortifee & DJ Cito

Hawkers Market, a Vancouver based social food market, focused on strengthening Canada's local food economies.

Hawkers Market, a Vancouver based social food market, focused on strengthening Canada's local food economies.

Photo - Stephane Berube Photography 

Vancouver, B.C - November 7th 2014 - Quietly in Vancouver a change to how food businesses startup has been happening. Hawkers Market is a social food marketplace quite like no other. It cutes the red tape involved with starting a food business, opening a restaurant and becoming accepted into a community that can be impossible to break into for new food artisans.

Hawkers Market, banks on new culinary talent developing entrepreneurs who vend at the underground social food marketplace by offering them real world first hand experience and exposure to huge crowds of Vancouver's most discerning palates. 

Chris Jerome, Founder & Director of Hawkers Market has seen first hand of the past two years the market has been in operation that the common thread among food entrepreneurs is they all need feedback, validations and a safe place that acts as a launchpad for each new food business from Chefs looking to test restaurant concepts, ice cream makers to cookies and locally made bitters. “If its made in Vancouver and its food you’ll find its first at Hawkers Market” says Chris.

The market itself could easily be mistaken for a wild college dormitory party especially in its early days, when Hawkers Market would book janky East Vancouver warehouses that were best described as seedy on the outside yet filled with culinary magic inside.

Foods featured have been everything from pop up doughnut shops, oyster bars, ramen burgers, food bloggers flexing skills with baking and sandwich making. The heart remains the same as Hawkers grows to serve larger crowds and more diverse food vendors.

We are now seeing an unparalleled amount of food businesses in Canada and actually beyond asking to participate in the program, so much so we can’t quite keep up with the demand to fit them all in each market. Our vendors range from serious craftsmen bakers like Fife Bakery by Felix Yau launching this market and Chef’s like Juno Kim who runs mind blowing pop up dinners around Vancouver but is itinerant in location and has not determined just yet on the next step. Hawkers Market also includes fresh talent, featuring home cooks bringing food to crowds for the first time as a learning opportunity for their businesses. 

“We feel that this is the most honest look at food in Vancouver, its a place where you can stand next to the person cooking your food, have a drink and talk about life and what made them want to open up shop. The diversity of each market changes rapidly and is truly never the same experience twice.” Says Director Chris Jerome.

The next Hawkers Market will be held Saturday November 15th at a sprawling ten thousand square foot warehouse on Kingsway and Broadway at 188 Kingsway.

In attendance will be a jam packed lineup of food, music and locally brewed and distilled beverages from Odd Society Spirits and 33 Acres Brewing Co.

Tickets are $10 in advance at hawkersmarket.com and are in support of Mealshare a Vancouver based Buy 1 feed 1 program. As well as a huge food drive for the Vancouver Food Bank.


Hawkers Market is a social food marketplace based in Vancouver crafting experiences around local food, music and craft brews. Hawkers operates in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to help new and emerging food entrepreneurs reduce risk and act as a launchpad for commerce and product testing. It is western Canada’s most diverse food market with well over 200 supported local food businesses, contributing to improving local Canadian food economies. 

Press Contact 

For Hi Res photos, please visit hawkersmarket.com or email our team at hello@hawkersmarket.com 

To schedule and interview please email or call Chris Jerome at 604.369.3535                     Connect with Hawkers market on instagram and twitter @hawkersmarket

Beyond the brew: The Non-Alky liquids of Vancouver

Beyond the brew: The Non-Alky liquids of Vancouver

Beyond the brew. The Non-Alky liquids of Vancouver

Image Credit- http://www.nuezmilk.ca

Image Credit- http://www.nuezmilk.ca

Quietly something in Vancouver has been bubbling beyond the breweries of the Mount Pleasant and the East Side.

Entrepreneurs with a desire to bring their liquid obsessions to consumers are handcrafting micro batch brews in YVR. A step beyond what we see at our favourite new breweries like 33 Acres, Brassneck and the slew of other wonderful local hoppy delights available. But is there more?…why yes…yes there is Vancouver.

Brew 2.0 in Vancouver is ALL about Non-Alky beverages. Kombucha, nut milks, ginger beer and of course those cold pressed juices that can be found everywhere lately. While we are all on a mission to get tight for summer, these are the drinks that will lead you along that glorious path saving your drinking days for the long sunsets just around the corner with your perfect abs glistening in the sun washer board style…well maybe a few beers until then.

O5 Tea’s Master Brewer Rosie Priest has begun to offer a painstakingly crafted Kombucha that is now bottled and served at a few specific spots around town. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle its a much smoother and velvety experience than the sharp and generic kombucha swill thats more commonly found in shops. Rosie reminds us just how unique and special a neighbourhood brew can be, and why we should probably all brew kombucha at home not because its healthy or will cure man friends gout. Just simply because its delicious.

Lauren founder of Nuez Milk hand crafts nut milks. Previously actually pretty limited to what you can find on the shelves of the grocery mart. Unless you are willing to soak, peel, blend nuts yourself because we all have time to our own make milk. Nuez is on to something, we all love milk and want it to be luxurious, delicious and nourishing. Whether with fruity pebbles or with your Cartems doughnuts. It’s a staple. Why not feel good about drinking it and where it comes from without worrying about ethics, hormones and the innocent cows. Nuez is fair trade, delicious, creative, relevant and made lovingly.

Dickies Ginger, named for Dickie a dear friend of Stephen Tufts the man behind the eponymous ginger beer. This is ginger beer that doesn't suck. Not the weak stuff at Whole Foods more like punch you in the throat ginger bite with some really nice sweetness and the perfect fizz sensation on your tongue. Stephen quite simply is a Man who quite simply takes ginger beer very seriously and set forth to handcraft the best ginger beer Vancouver has seen and in this authors opinion he has done just that.

You can catch Stephen hawking it up at markets around the lower mainland and Squamish, the best part is he even serves it on draught.

Find these brews around town in Vancouver or on the web. Nuez even delivers!

Drink ‘em all at Hawkers Market May 10th Vancouver’s spot for new food ventures and ridiculously good eating to loud music. Support the brews and buy a ticket at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca so they have a place to hawk it to you.

Bottoms Up!


Chris Jerome is the Founder and Director of Hawkers Market an entrepreneurial incubator and roving marketplace for new food businesses in Canada and occasionally writes food and entrepreneurship. He lives in Vancouver with his dog Strummer.


Culinary Selfies or The Food Photo Booth at Hawkers Market

Culinary Selfies or The Food Photo Booth at Hawkers Market

Culinary Selfies at Hawkers Market or The Food Photo Booth

While the internet has been plagued with streams of unappetizing mobile food photography, a few people have gotten together to fight back this completely inedible trend; cue lifestyle blogger Gabriel Cabrera from The Artful Desperado and food photographer Stefane Berube. Together in partnership with Director Chris Jerome of Hawkers Market will bring you the Food Photo Booth: a mobile photo kiosk for culinary selfies.

Artful Desperado - Flour-less Chocolate Cake Adapted from The Mast Brothers 

At the Food Photo Booth you'll be able to find all the tools you need to take that awesomely styled shot of your nibbles, sans all the nasty shadows and boring fake filters. Tools include: props, lighting, a beautiful wooden table by Union Wood Co, and even a black backdrop that will act as a canvas for your creation.

An inspiring backdrop from Union Wood Co.

By tagging your photos with @hawkersmarket @instameetVancouver and #culinaryselfie you'll be entered in a draw to win a foodie prize packed with treasures from Hawkers local vendors. Oh and don't worry, you don't need to be a pro! All guest at Hawkers Market have access to the booth.

Electric Jelly Doughnuts the perfect food for a #culinaryselfie


Need some styling inspiration? Got some questions? Check out Artful Desperado on Instagram and Stefane Berube on Facebook.


Take your culinary selfies this weekend only at Hawkers Market by getting your tickets at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca or hawkersmarket.com