"Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try"

Hawkers Market supports local food entrepreneurs who require a launchpad for their new or emerging food business. We help to businesses gain a loyal following by cultivating a relationship with consumers in your community by allowing new food businesses to participate regularly in Hawkers Market events.

All of our Hawkers are carefully selected businesses and curated for each event, we work alongside new food entrepreneurs in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary to help them navigate the challenges of launching and maintaining a food business, helping them along the way to determine what their goals are. 

If you would like to register to become a Hawker at one of our markets please review our basics here to begin with us and get in tough through the form below.

1. Completion of a Food Safe Program

2. You

Getting to know your food and company, tell us who you are and what your food is about, where the inspiration has come from for the type of food you want to serve and develop at the market. Where you currently serve it or if it is a new venture and if you have any presence online or in your community yet. 

3. Signing up for a market

We will respond with a sign up package, Health and Safety forms, Temporary Food Service Applications. If you have photos of your food please include them. We will build a Vendor Profile and choose a date to have you at your first event.

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Do you have access to a kitchen yet?
Does your business require funding to startup or grow? *
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Help us understand what stage you are at.

After submitting your application please submit an a temporary food service application to us at hello@hawkersmarket.com for review. Vancouver, Victoria please use the first link, Calgary and Edmonton vendors please use the second link. All other city submissions please contact directly first.

Download Vancouver Coastal Health Temporary Food Service Application


Download Alberta Health Services Temporary Food Service Application Form